Franchise Review

Our team has a package program for entrepreneurs seeking to purchase a franchise from a franchisor. We:

‣ Review the FDD seeking to insure that what has been told by the franchisor matches both the plain English section and the Franchise Agreement of the Franchisor. This includes the Franchise Fee, Royalties, and Co-Op Advertising Fees.

 Look for hidden arrangements by the Franchisor that may hinder success of the franchisee

 Review both the operations and training programs to insure accurate interpretation and costs.

 Review the financial statements of the Franchisor, looking to make sure that success or potential success is identified within the existing outlets of the Franchisor.

 Interview one or more existing franchisees in an attempt to identify success of the franchise chain.

 Discuss the location of the franchisee looking for the important traffic needed for success. We also discuss the possible franchise lease arrangements for the franchisee in an attempt to secure the best financial arrangement of the franchisee.

Purchasing a franchise is a major endeavor and, if done correctly, can be very rewarding to the franchisee. However, it only takes one or two mistakes that could bankrupt an entrepreneur’s investment. Franchise Innovators International evaluation program is well worth the modest cost of a thorough evaluation. Contact Sarma Taylor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request your evaluation program