Franchising Process

Franchise Innovators expand existing franchisors, through a unique offset counter-trade program operated throughout the world.

The cost of franchising an emerging business need not be unreasonably expensive. Franchise Innovators has created a process whereby its experienced team of professionals will not only prepare the business for franchising but take ownership in its regional, national, and international business development. Concurrently preparing several companies to franchise will significantly cut the cost of all phases of document creation.

Utilizing today’s videoconferencing technology for both individual and multipoint, live video and technology-based training will be used, eliminating costly customized programs which often become quickly outdated. However, the most important key to the success of each franchisor is our collaborative team method. Not just one set of consultant eyes or ears will determine the success or failure of a franchise, but the minds and experience of business's best franchise team that will identify and constantly review all areas of the new franchise operation

Bringing a new franchise to the public need not be a process that is unknown until the franchise chain is created. If the original business model demonstrated success, the Franchise Innovators team will be able to identify all the factors needed to experience the same success. As the franchise operation emerges, each team member will help carefully insure that the same or better, original qualities of the business are maintained. As the franchise chain is created, team members, maintaining ongoing and accountability for their work