Franchising Good for America


May 21, 2013

Whole industries in mass moved their manufacturing to China, raising the question as to the benefits of free trade. CEO's in every sector continue to earn huge salaries and bonuses while multinational corporations earn large profits and, instead of hiring, increase their cash positions and invest abroad. In the pursuit of a second term President Obama pledged the creation of new quality jobs. I wonder how can this happen unless there is a shift in the attitude of all those involved towards the need to significantly support small business.

A Business Advisor can make the difference


January 8, 2013 

Would you trust a cardiologist to handle a problem with your feet? Would you go to a sports car mechanic to repair a bus? Why would you hire a corporation vice president to evaluate a small business? One of the greatest problems that we experience as business advisors is that everyone involved in any type of business believes they can diagnose and repair a small business. Motivational speakers are not business advisors. While they may be inspirational and help promote a segment of your business, they do not offer all the core fundamentals needed to guide a small business. These fallacies are at the heart of why small business owners often retain the wrong person to help them work through their issues. Small business is a beast of its own. It requires dynamic individuals experienced with small business that will enable entrepreneurs to maneuver and follow appropriate avenues that lead to success. Like the construction of a building, it is the foundation of a small business that is so vital to find its place in a very competitive market. Of course, this begins with the entrepreneur, who must always be seeking to learn as much as he or she is able in order to gather the ammunition for forthcoming battles that are sure to be experienced.