Become our Account Representative

Franchise Innovators International, LLC is accepting applications to be one of two Account Representatives in each of the following metro areas: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City. Franchise Innovators serves a growing number of brand name franchisors from all over the country. Our program, after training, will allow you to profit from the sales of franchises, develop new franchisors, introduce our new TV and Radio programs, and assist with Business Plan preparation. The Franchise Innovator’s new “Hot Franchise” Compatibility App (on Apple and Android), is the first of its kind in the industry and will bring customers to all our Account Representatives. Candidates must have completed either an Associate or Baclelor’s Degree in Business, must be very communicative, properly dressed, and project a first class business image. Compensation for the first 3 months of training is strictly commission. Upon successful training, all Account Representatives may elect a payment program as either an Independent Contractor or Salaried Employee with benefits. The potential income for this position is high and dependent on the work ethic of the candidate. Interested candidates should apply online by Click here.