Franchise Compatibility App & America's Hot Franchises

From Franchise Innovators International, LLC


The ultimate social media combination

Your franchise can get started in our "America's Hot Franchises” program by by allowing us to create your professionally made 30 second video and connecting it to our “Franchise Compatibility APP” to be released on June first, 2015. Free to anyone on I Phones and Androids, interested franchise customers will view your powerful video which is also connected to YouTube. They will match their own individual profile against your franchise to determine if your franchise is their best investment. You will receive qualification reports and monthly metrics for one year which will permit you to learn more about your customer and adjust your franchise offering accordingly. Priced at $2,500 our discounted cost for this new program is free through July 30th, 2015 when you send us your short video.


An audience of millions on TV or Radio

Once your franchise video has been created and can be found on our APP, you may begin your customized campaign of TV or Radio advertising and become selected as one of four franchises promoted on drive time major stations in metro areas.



Our TV and Radio ads help sell your franchises in a targeted metro area and, at the same time, increase your brand awareness to the public of the service or product you sell. Move to 21st century marketing which combines the best of social media video with the Internet and gives you the option of targeting vast new metro markets with proven advertising of TV and Radio. It is your most cost effective method of sales.



On our franchisor website link you may enter your video information which includes your script and up to three images. Allow up to three weeks for your video production and placement on our current website, to be included on our APP. Apply online to to see how becoming one of “America’s Hot Franchises” will dramatically help your franchise sales.


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