Please complete the following questions foryour franchise personality profile

Company Name
1. In the employment background of a new franchisee, from blue collar to white collar, what would be the ideal employment type range number?
     1 - Construction worker, 10 - An educator
2. Is your franchise primarily for...
     Woman, Men, Both
3. Is your franchise primarily designed to work with
4. For the purpose of operating your franchise, would you prefer an impatient or patient type person
     1 - Being impatient, 10 - Being patient
5. Does your franchise require your employees working with their
6. How important is it for your new franchisee to be able to manage employees?
     1 - Being not at all, 10 - Being a great deal
7. How important is it to your franchisee to be working in his/her location?
     1 - Being not at all, 10 - Being extremely important
8. Is the sales of the franchisee mostly dependent on its location or is that not an issue?
     1 - Being not an issue, 10 - Being dependent on location
9. Is your franchise an operation that requires precisely following directions?
     1 - Being that it is not required to totally follow directions, 10 - Being that they must totally follow directions
10. How important is it to have your new franchisee want to grow their operation to additional locations?
     1 - Not important, 10 - Very important