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Franchise Innovators offers the following
Business Opportunity services :

Identifying an established business to purchase

This includes reviewing, substantiating, and determining the sales and profitability of a given business. Evaluating the re-sale of existing inventory and the strength of the existing customer base will insure the continued success of the business.


Selecting one of many franchise operations to purchase

While there are hundreds of franchises to choose from, everyone wants to purchase the franchise that is most likely to succeed and expand across the country. This will give significant added value to the franchisee. However, to make sure you will benefit from the expansion, our experts will carefully examine all the franchise documentation and financials of a franchise you may choose. Together with purchasing a business that you will enjoy, our franchise experts will take you far beyond the emotional reasons to buy a franchise and help you attain the success that will allow you to participate in the relished world of entrepreneurship. Download our free FRANCHISE NOW compatibility app to see hundreds of franchises.

We outsource your financial and bookkeeping responsibilities.

Our trained staff will keep careful track of your financial reports including your accounts receivable, accounts payable, and ordinary bookkeeping – and will do as your experienced outsourced CFO. We will not handle your cash but we will track every penny spent and give you the confidence that you must have to guarantee your correct bank balance and project future endeavors. …AND we do so at a cost effective savings to you.

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