Do you know about an international program called “Global Offset and Countertrade”, commonly known as Offset? Defense contractors here in the US will pay private companies millions of dollars for products or services and licensing rights in targeted countries? These defense contractors must fulfill offset obligations required in their contract as part of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977.



    Franchise Innovators International, as a member of the Global Offset and Countertrade Association, will sell international license rights for your company in which we handle all the legal work and proposals. When the offset contract is awarded, we evenly participate in a million dollar plus license fee and manage the franchising development in that country for your business. Programs accepted for offset may take one to three years to complete, but the reward can be huge and new contracts can be sold, again, in other countries.


    Franchise Innovators will begin working for your company, identifying offset program from among the 100 countries that participate that may need your product or service. We will work with you to prepare for international licensing and all that accompanies expansion into another country. While there is a modest fee for this to prepare your company for franchising in another country, your firm will be personally represented to both the selected defense contractor and the host country. We will develop a business plan and prepare the proposal. Franchise Innovators will work carefully with your company and other government agencies in order to completely identify and manage the details of the contract. The goal will be to obtain the funds needed to fulfill the contract....all paid by the defense contractor or their agents.


    Click here to request a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation prepared by a defense contractor explaining what is international offset and why they selected a U.S.-based education company for a Middle East offset program. 





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Defense contractors will pay for your international expansion. To learn how, contact us.