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APP Only Program

To participate in our FRANCHISE NOW Compatibility App, Click here

FEATURED FRANCHISE and options for TV/Radio Advertising

Become our “Featured  Franchise” on our FRANCHISE NOW App

Enjoy the benefits of having potential franchisees select “Featured Franchises” on our App before viewing hundreds of franchisors that are also being shown on our App.  Be one of no more than eight “Featured Franchises” that viewers will be able to appreciate your promotional graphic image, view your video, and be able to test their compatibility to your ideal franchisee.  Once a “Featured Franchise” you will also be able to exercise additional OPTIONS such as TV and Radio ads.

Three month Introductory Special - $1,500. Click Here to apply online 




Franchise Development Program U.S.

This is described on the Main page of this website under the menu "New Franchise". Details can be seen under both "Franchise Presentation" and "Franchise Development". To move forward with the process of franchise development, a $5,000 deposit is required. This is to cover an internal evaluation of your franchise operation which shall be applied to the full cost of development. This amount shall only be returned in the event that Franchise Innovators makes a decision NOT to initiate franchise development with your company. CLICK HERE to make deposit.



International Franchise Development

Franchise Innovators International is working in selected South American and European countries in order to locate investors that will purchase Master Franchises and single franchise units in identified targeted countries. Franchise Innovators will reach out to investors and the media in order to market and sell franchises in accordance with the laws of each country. There is no upfront cost for franchisors to participate in this program. However, all Franchisor participants must agree to be listed in the International Section of the HOT FRANCHISE App and provide a short video of its franchise offering. Franchisors must also agree to award Franchise Innovators a 20% commission for each successful franchise that has been completed from leads originating from Franchise Innovators. Franchisors interested in this program may apply by CLICK HERE